Gotham Knights May Be The Beginning Of WB’s DC Games Universe: Report

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is understood to be planning to launch a fleshed out DC Comics video game universe, new industry rumblings indicate.

The company took its sweet time announcing the Gotham Knights action RPG, as well as the much more unique action adventure called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which is meant to tie into the upcoming Suicide Squad movie scheduled to (hopefully) hit the theaters next year because its new adopted parent – wireless giant AT&T – was kind of… trying to get rid of it.

But ultimately, no one was too keen on buying one of the largest video game manufacturing lines on the planet without the DC Comics game licenses to go along with it. But once that has been cleared up, WB Games is said to be ready to fully commit itself to building new powerful brands, starting with some DC Comics interactive universe of sorts.

After all, games are still very much an area in which a DC Comics IP is as close to a premium quality guarantee as possible. Marvel… isn’t so fortunate outside of Spider-Man, though it continues schooling DC at the box office. Regardless, WB is likely to confirm plans for some kind of a superhero gaming universe in the months ahead.

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