Legendary Adventure ‘Myst’ Gets Oculus Quest Release Date

The legendary Apple II adventure Myst has been reimagined for virtual reality systems and will be hitting the market later this year. In fact, we have just learned when exactly will that happen, at least when it comes to the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

The 10th of December is the fated day, which is just in time for the holiday season that is bound to expose many more people to the wonders of VR technologies. People with very rich friends and family, at least. But as silly as that sounds, the shopping mania observable during the end of every calendar year is why so many companies rush to release their products in time to capture some of that insane consumer spending.

So, Myst having a December 10th release date doesn’t actually guarantee the game has gone gold in any sense of that outdated industry term. But hopefully the day-one experience lives up to our immeasurably high levels of rose-tinted nostalgia. That’s unlikely to happen, but we can still hope. Furthermore, Oculus Quest owners who buy Myst will also receive an Oculus Home environment styled after the game. Which is as cool of a freebie as you can expect when it comes to VR software, so props to the developers.

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