Samsung is currently taking part in the Display Week 2021 event this week. This exhibition is looking to show off all the most cutting-edge display technology that will be used in future products. This event is already underway, and Samsung has been demonstrating a few key innovations and brand-new devices and how they will fit into our future lives, as promised.

Among those being showcased by Samsun are the S-foldable, a foldable laptop, portable display and a slidable OLED display. The event will also feature a demonstration of the under-panel camera, a new technology that was previously showcased earlier in the year. All of these new devices and technologies have the potential to be the next big thing, and Samsung is showing just how useful foldable screens can be.

What Are Foldable Devices?

Foldable devices are any type of mobile or electronic device with a screen that can be folded. With smartphones and tablets, bigger screens are better as consumers want to be able to see what they’re looking at. Whether it’s watching films, playing games or reading ebooks, a large screen makes all the difference as it’s easy to view. Foldable screens give users a big screen while still being easy to carry around. When you’re finished watching, you can simply fold the screen back up to a regular size to be carried around.

Foldable phones and tablets are especially useful for playing games such as slots at an online casino. Users can load games easily on these devices, and it much more enjoyable to play on a larger screen. Not only that, but the large screen makes it easy to use the touchscreen properly, and once the game is over, the user can fold the screen up and put the device back in their pocket.

Samsung is one of the leading companies when it comes to developing foldable screens, and the South Korean electronics giant already has a wide range of foldable devices on the market. The Display Week event was a chance for consumers and those working in the industry to see the next generation of foldable devices.

What Does the Future Hold for Foldable Tech?

During Display Week 2021, one of the most exciting devices that Samsung showed off was it S-Foldable display device. This OLED panel uses new materials to make it ultra-lightweight as well as extremely durable and flexible. The S-Foldable is a 7.2-inch panel that can be folded multiple ways, both inwards and outwards. The result is an extremely versatile device that can be used in a number of different ways and offers greater control and convenience to the users.

The foldable laptop was also demonstrated by Samsung, showing off how foldable technology isn’t only confined to small screens. This was trialled on a 17-inch laptop to give an idea of just how scalable foldable screens are. The laptop would be a simple OLED screen with all of the components inside the body and will be able to fold in half across the middle. This will mean it has a smaller footprint than a 13-inch laptop, while having a significantly bigger screen,

The underpanel camera is one of the most exciting developments showcased by Samsung at the event. This tech would allow manufacturers to make more use out of the available space on the phone, placing the front camera underneath the display rather than on top of it. This means phones will have larger screens without using up more space, and phones will no longer need to have a visible front-facing camera as standard.


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